Julia Misawa studied traditional Japanese taiko for ten years under the guidance of Taiko Master Seiichi Tanaka. It was Sensei Tanaka who first brought Taiko to the U.S. in 1968 when he founded the San Francisco Taiko Dojo.

As part of the professional team at this dojo, Julia Misawa traveled throughout the United States.
Some memorable experiences included performing at Carnegie Hall and recording a DVD at studios owned by George Lucas. Along with intense devotion to her own practice, Julia also assisted workshops for emotionally disturbed children at a hospital in Napa California. She continues in Boulder her commitment to teaching taiko to children and adults.

“Hibiki” means ‘resonance’ and many audience members report feeling inexplicably moved by the incredible sound of the drums.The resonance in the sound of the drums is due in part to the master craftsmanship that goes into making these amazing instruments. Many taiko drums are hundreds of years old, and the best drums are made entirely from one single tree trunk. It is believed that the spirit of the tree from which the wood came and the spirit imparted by the performers through the years helps produce the unique sound of the taiko.

Boulder Taiko Hibiki is working on bring the rich cultural experience of Taiko to local communities by integrating artistic skills and knowledge with traditional Japanese drum music through on-goin classes, performances, workshops and demonstrations for the general public. The study includes the discipline of Mind, Skill, Body and Manner in a spirit of complete respect and unity among people. Last but not least, it includes the pure enjoyment of playing Taiko from the bottom of one’s heart.